Ecosystem overview

Developer teams

There are currently two independent teams working on Melon or building things on top of Melon

Midas Technologies

ash logo
Midas Technology is a Swiss-based company that works on the development of Ash. Ash is an investment mobile app for retail investors that gamifies investing, built on the Melon protocol.
The Ash team made the first ever Melon Funding Proposal (MFP #1) , that was reviewed and accepted by the Melon Council in April 2019.

Avantgarde Finance

The Avantgarde Finance logo
The Avantgarde Finance team (former Melonport team) proposed MFP #2 , which was accepted by the Melon Council in September 2019. With a 3 years roadmap, Avantgarde Finance plans to address the existing painpoints for the Melon ecosystem, while making sure Melon stays ahead of the curve. Avantgarde Finance provides cutting-edge blockchain-based professional financial tools. The Avantgarde vision is to create a better everyday experience for aspiring asset managers and their investors by giving them easy access to a new financial infrastructure using Melon and other supporting DeFi technologies.

Asset Universe

The initial Melon Asset Universe is composed of a set of ERC20 tokens. It is expected to expand over the next few months. If you’d like for your token to be part of the Melon Asset Universe, please reach out to












Protocol integrations

Melon can integrate nicely at a smart contract level with many other decentralized finance protocols. Currently, it is integrated with 3 decentralized exchanges protocols. In the future, we envision many more DeFi integrations. If you’re keen to integrate a DeFi protocol with Melon, don’t hesitate to propose an MIP or MFP.

Melon asset managers are able to trade on the following decentralized exchanges through an aggregated orderbook:

Kyber Network

Protocol Security
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