After delivering the v1.0 of Melon in February 2019, Melonport AG dissolved as promised, and handed over the governance of the protocol to a decentralized governance system. The Melon governance system can be described as being a skill-based and user-centric model. You can learn more about the Melon governance system here.

The Melon Council

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The Melon Council is a DAO that governs the protocol and is responsible for its future maintenance. All decisions made by the Melon Council are consultable in real time on the Melon Council aragonOS interface .
The Melon Council DAO operations are powered by aragonOS. A customized Aragon DAO for the Melon Council was deployed and is able to natively interact with the Melon protocol.


The long term mission of the Melon Council is to:

  • Preserve the integrity of the network
  • Maximize user adoption
  • Foster innovation and increase network attractiveness

In practice, the Melon Council is responsible for the following:

  • Protocol upgrades
  • Resource allocation
  • Networks parameters


The Melon Council (MC) is comprised of the MTC (Melon Technical Council) and of the MEB (Melon Exposed Businesses) representatives.

Melon Technical Council (MTC)

The MTC is the subset of the Melon Council that is responsible for providing technical expertise in various domains, and help the network make informed decisions.

The initial MTC members were appointed by the former Melonport team, and from there, new MTC members can be voted in by the Melon Council.

Melon Exposed Businesses (MEB) Representatives

The Melon governance model is also a user-centric model. It provides users with the ability to be represented, voice their needs and to take part in the decision-making process of the network.

Users of the network that can prove a certain % of AUM on the network have MEB rights, and can elect the MEB representatives who will sit on the Council and represent users.

Current members

Janos Berghorn
Janos Berghorn
Matthew Di Ferrante
Matthew Di Ferrante
Fabian Gompf
Fabian Gompf
Will Harborne
Will Harborne
Martin Lundfall
Martin Lundfall
Nick Munoz-McDonald
Nick Munoz-McDonald
Zahreddine Touag
Zahreddine Touag
Jenna Zenk
Jenna Zenk

Join the MTC

You can apply to join the MTC by sending your profile and motivations to: .

Applicants to the Technical Council shall meet the following criteria:

  • Provable technical skills and expertise with regards to Melon (its codebase, token economics, ecosystem) and/or existing meaningful contribution to the Melon codebase
  • A declared absence of any conflict of interest with the Melon vision and ecosystem
  • Willingness and ability to dedicate time and resources to the Technical Council activities
  • High evidenced ethical standards, good reputation and compliance with the MC statutes
  • Willingness to reveal identity

Each application to the MTC will be reviewed by the whole council and will be subject to a two-thirds Melon Council wide vote.

Join the MEB

The trade association MAMA is happy to help out with the organization of the MEB.
Reach out here:

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