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In 2017, Melonport co-founded the Multi-chain Asset Managers Association, MAMA . Whilst Melonport has been wound down, the association lives on through its 60 members lobbying for the interests of on-chain asset management and associated DeFi technologies.

MAMA advocates that most of the investor protections that governments and regulators focus on today are fairly replicable in automatic smart-contract code through encoded rule-sets. MAMA generally refers to this as Technology Regulated and Operated Finance. Some examples of this are: peer to peer trading, pre-trade rules in smart contracts (such as investor and asset whitelisting), maximum price tolerance mechanisms (to prevent trading at wrong prices on decentralized exchanges), encoded risk management metrics to prevent inappropriate risks being taken and so on and so forth.

MAMA believes that if code can perform the job intended by other financial intermediaries and processes, then it should be allowed to do so with as few barriers as possible in order to allow innovation around these technologies to thrive.

MAMA members
MAMA members

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